Writing task 2: In the future it will become more difficult to live on Earth so more money should be spent researching how to live on other planets.

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Dec 28, 2020
In the future it will become more difficult to live on Earth so more money should be spent researching how to live on other planets such as Mars.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people believe that there will come a time when living on Earth will become extremely difficult and, therefore, more money should be invested in exploring other planets and the possibilities of living there. In my opinion, I strongly disagree with this notion as more money should be spent on finding ways to mitigate the damage being done to Earth by humans themselves.

Firstly, the reason life on Earth is at danger is due to the doings of mankind themselves. It is no secret that we have exploited our planet and its resources with no regards to the nature and environment and we have gradually reached a point where our climate and environment has been damaged quite severely, albeit, not irreversibly. For instance, major factories around the world continue to expel harmful gases into the environment and dump poisonous waste into the seas and rivers and governments continue to clear forests for housing and industrialization unabated. I believe, rather than looking for options for living on other planets, we must protect our own planet and mend our ways before it is too late. Money poured into research on Mars should be diverted to those companies that are researching environmentally friendly energy resources. For example, money should be spent on ensuring widespread usage of solar panels for energy and for ensuring widespread availability of recycling facilities. This is a much better alternative than spending money on interplanetary voyages and will help us all to rectify the mistakes that we have committed.

Moreover, there is no guarantee that once we leave this planet and inhabit the next planet, we will not do the same treatment with it. The destruction of the next planet at the hands of mankind would be no surprise. Hence, it is better to dump this idea and work towards the betterment of our own planet. Furthermore, living on another planet will have its own share of problems. For instance, who gets to decide that who is to be shifted and who is to be left behind. All of these problems are enough to abandon this idea and serve to depollute our own planet so that mankind can continue to exist on this planet.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that money spent on researches exploring new planets for living could be better utilized to explore ideas to halt our destructive impacts on the planet and to reverse the damage that has already been caused because this seems to be a more feasible agenda.