Writing task 2: Getting promotions are one of the biggest motivators for hard work in the modern workplace.

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Dec 28, 2020
Getting promotions are one of the biggest motivators for hard work in the modern workplace.

Why are people so driven to
receive promotions?

What other factors motivate people to work hard?

Nowadays, securing an increment in pay or climbing up the hierarchy of a company is one of the biggest driving factors for employees to work hard. People strive hard to acquire a promotion in order to meet the demands of the ever growing inflation recorded around the world.

Indeed, cutthroat competition in the contemporary workplace has risen significantly in recent times, and one of the major reasons for this development is the aspiration to attain promotion. Reason being, the uncertain economic situation around the world with rising inflation rates. People belonging to middle socioeconomic class, in particular, are not contend with what they earn because the increase in inflation is much more than the increase in their incomes. This instills a fear in people of not being able to maintain their lifestyles with their modest incomes and, consequently, they work hard to get a promotion.

Moreover, the volatile job market is another important motivating factor for people to work hard. Nowadays, employees are being offloaded by companies to withstand the economic slump in most countries. Therefore, employees tend to work hard in order to impress their employers so that they may be spared if such a situation arises. Another key driving factor is the overall increase in competition in today's world. Ever since childhood, we are taught to work hard and grab nothing short of the first position. This approach is carried on to the professional life and people, consequently, work strenuously to stay ahead of their peers. Furthermore, people who want to contribute to their societies, in general, work hard in their respective fields so that they may positively contribute in the development of their societies and country, as a whole. Some people, on the other hand, are workaholic by nature and they love to work hard without any particular reason. People who are passionate about the work they do and work in a field of their own interest also do not leave a stone unturned during work and put in their efforts willingly. These are the variety of motivating factors for people to work hard in the modern workplace.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that promotion is sought by many employees to be able to earn an amount that can sustain their lifestyles easily, therefore, they work hard in order to attain it. Other driving factors for hard work include the need to sustain a job in a volatile job market, overall increase in competition around the world, workaholic nature of people, the hope of people to positively impact society and the willingness of people to work hard in a field of their interest. All these factors have contributed to the rise of hard work seen in the modern workplace.