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Writing task 2: Eating junk food has led to an unhealthy lifestyle.

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New member
Dec 28, 2020
Many people argue that eating junk food has led to an unhealthy lifestyle. This problem has become more common among young people these days. Do you agree or disagree that junk food is the cause of the issue?

Some people consider consumption of junk food to be the reason why people, nowadays, lead an unhealthy lifestyle. In this essay, I will examine this issue in further detail and give my opinion on this matter.

Undoubtedly, nowadays, the number of obese people has increased to a level that has never been seen before. In an article I came across recently, it stated that, approximately one third of the population of US is obese. This figure is alarming and should ring the bells of relevant health authorities. In my opinion, junk food consumption is one of the major reasons for this development. Easy and widespread availability of fast food has led to an increase in their consumption. Moreover, lack of awareness regarding the harmful effects of junk food consumption among the younger population has made it difficult to decrease its consumption. The amount of unhealthy lipid, carbohydrates and calories present in such food items is unknown to the masses. In addition to that, people are also unaware about healthy eating habits and food items that are healthy for a person. Having said that, I believe there are other factors involved as well that contribute to the unhealthy lifestyle being led by many.

Firstly, the lack of exercise among the younger population is an issue that needs to be addressed. Children, these days, opt to play video games rather than outdoor sports which has led to a decline in fitness and health. Moreover, unhealthy habits like sleeping late and waking up late has also contributed significantly. Besides that, an increase in the use of automobiles for travel, even for short distances, has deprived children from getting any sort of physical activity. Hence, eating junk food and on top of that, decrease in physical exercise has combined to debilitate the health of many.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that, in my opinion, junk food consumption is one of the reasons, but not the only one, for the increase in people leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Other factors, like decline in physical activity among the younger generation also plays a critical role.