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New member
Sep 1, 2021

The line chart demonstrates the figure for citizens in Australia who were born in many parts of the world, namely UK, Total, Asia, and other over a period of 25 years from 1976.
Overall, it is obvious that while the amounts of people who were born in Total and Asia witnessed upward trends, there were a slight decreased in those figure for UK and the others over the given timescale. It is also evident that a considerable growth was experienced from 1976 to 2011in this figure.
The proportion of people who were born in Total decreased gradually from 24% to around 20% between 1976 and 2001, before increasing in the end of the period. The figure for people were born in UK drop dramatically from 1976 to 2011, at 5%.
A steeply increased was seen from 4% to 15% between 1976 and 2011 in the percentage of Australian people who were born in Asia. There was a significant drop in the consumption of inhabitants in Australia were born in the others from 11% to 10%, 1976 and 1996, before rising to 14% in the next ten years, followed by a drop of 2% from 2006 to the end of the given period.


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Sep 23, 2020
Can you please add the question? It is kind of hard to check your answer if we don't know the question. Thanks!