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Hermione granger

New member
Feb 21, 2021

The charts given illustrate the changes in revenue of five particular products in the international trade between two years 2015 and 2016.

Overall, it is obvious that petroleum products remained dominant in the amount of export earnings in both two years while the most significant growth was recorded for textiles. In addition, the foreign trade of five categories surveyed all witnessed an increase in value, with the exception for gems and jewellery.

Starting with more than 60 billion dollars earned in 2015, the international revenue of petroleum products experienced an upward trend, albeit slightly to about 63 billion dollars in 2016, followed by the figures for engineered commodities, standing at 58 billion dollars and 61 billion dollars, respectively. This type of goods was additionally responsible for the second fastest growth in income at 8.5 percent. Meanwhile, textiles, despite reaching the lowest value in both two years examined, owned the highest earning growth throughout the period by more than 15 percent.

In stark contrast, the gain from gems and jewellery fell noticeably from about 43 billion dollars in the first year to roughly 40 billion dollars one year later, which was equivalent to a 5.18 percent decrease. Regarding the remaining group, the figures for agricultural products approximately remained stable, standing at about 30 billion dollars in two years.