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Mar 31, 2021
The bar chart illustrates the lowest and the highest levels of Sulphur dioxide and Dinitrous oxide, measured in micrograms per m^3, in four big cities, namely Los Angeles, Calcutta, Beijing and Mexico City in the years 2000.
Overall, it is clear that the average content of these two categories of air pollution in Mexico City is the highest in the others three cities.
Mexico city peak maximum dinitrous oxide level was 207, which is twice as high as the level in Los Angeles and four-time higher than the levels in Calcutta and Beijing. Subsequently, the minimum dinitrous oxide of 113 in Mexico city was 8 times higher than Beijing, which was the city with the lowest minimum dinitrous oxide level, while its n2o level was 3 and 4 times higher than those of Los Angeles and Calcutta respectively.
The level of sulphur dioxide in the air of Los Angeles has the lowest average high and lows by a considerable amount, reach sulphur dixiode levels in los angeles in 2000 were only 10, which was 6 times lower than the Calcutta. At the other end of the scale, peak so2 levels in Beijing were 100 , while in Mexico City they were at 200 . Los Angeles also had the lowest minimum sulphur dixiode at just 2 , making it 40 times lower than Mexico city's minimum sulphur dioxide. Interestingly, Beijing's minimum so2 was 25, which was only half of calcutta's minimum so2 which was not far below its peak