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Writing task 1: Describe the changes seen in the maps.

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Dec 28, 2020

The maps above illustrate the changes that have taken place over the span of 25 years in this specific area. The first map shows the specific area as it was in 1995 while the second map shows the same place as of now.

The area has undergone dramatic changes over the past 25 years. Firstly, the houses along the eastern and western edge of the road, running southwards towards the sea, have increased in number. Moreover, a new road has been paved that goes westwards from the road that was already present and some houses have been erected along the southern edge of this newly built road.

The most striking change is the replacement of the farmland and forest park, present on the northeastern edge of the area, with a golf course and a tennis court, respectively. Although, the tennis court is situated in a much smaller area than that of the torn down forest park, meaning that much of the forest park was cleared and trees were cut down. In addition to that, the hotel situated along the northern edge of the road running parallel to the sea was renovated to include a car parking space.

Furthermore, the shops that were present along the northern edge of the road running next to the sea were replaced by restaurants. A significant change was the demolition of the fish market and fishing port along the sea and the redevelopment of apartments in its place. The one thing that has remained unchanged is the cafe right next to the sea.