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May 23, 2021

The bar chart illustrates the quantity of students and international students who achieve second-class degrees or better at a large university of UK in 2009.

Overall, half of these subjects were studied and had degrees by more UK students than international students, except Nursing, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Accounting. Moreover, Nursing was the most popular amongst the international students, while Art History and Sociology were learnt most by UK national students.

A closer examination said that the quantity of UK students and international students were equal in having degrees in Nursing and Accounting, which accounted for over 70% and another one is approximately three fourths of students. In addition, over 60% of UK students replied that they gained degrees in Electrical Engineering, which are less than international students by nearly 20%. On the other hand, in Art History, there are more domestic students achieved degrees than oversea students. While quantity of UK students was about 80%, international students show a rate of close to 70% in this subject.