Words that express change

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Sep 23, 2020
Do you understand the different nuances between these words that express change:

adapt - It took me a while to adapt to living in China.

adjust - Can you adjust the straps on my goggles to make them tighter?

alter - My pants need to be altered because I have lost weight since buying them.

cure - Scientists are trying to develop a cure for the corona virus

demote - The policeman was demoted for accepting a bribe.

disappear - My dog has disappeared without a trace.

dissolve - This kind of tablet dissolves in water.

exchange - The does not give refunds but you can exchange it with another item.

expand - Most cities are trying to expand their public transportation systems,

fade - Bright colored clothing tends to fade after washing them in a washing machine.

increase - There has been a large increase in the cost of living since the hurricane.

promote - She has been promoted to regional manager at her company.

reduce - We should all try to reduce plastic waste.

renew - Sometimes people renew their wedding vows after being married for a long time.

renovate - We decided to renovate our house and add a second floor and build a new kitchen.

replace - Can I get this broken part replaced?

swell - His ankles swell if he eats certain food.

switch - I have switched from this brand to an imported one.

transform - Winning the lottery can truly transform people's lives, for better or worse.

vary - Immigration regulations vary from country to country.
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