Verbs into the correct tense confusion

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New member
Apr 17, 2021
I have to put the verbs in the barracks into the correct tense.
When Professor Malory, the famous archaeologist, ________________ 1(invite) me to take part in his expedition to find the Lost City in the Himalayas, I ______________ 2(not hesitate) to accept his invitation. Mallory ___________________ 3(discover) an ancient map showing the position of the city, although no European ____________________ 4(ever go) to the area before. In fact, most of Mallory’s colleagues either ________________ 5(believe) that the city __________________ 6(never exist) or _______________ 7(feel) that it ______________ 8(vanish) long ago and ________________ 9(become) simply a legend. According to the Professor, the builders of the city ______________ 10(hide) it among the mountains in order to protect its immense riches.

According to the solution, 3 is "had discovered", 4 is "had ever gone" and 10 is "hid".
Why isn't 3 "discovered", why isn't 4 "has ever gone" and why isn't 10 "had hidden"

Thanks in advance


Active member
Sep 23, 2020
This is my answer:

1. invited. 2. did not hesitate 3. discovered 4. had ever gone 5. believed 6. never existed 7. felt 8. vanished 9. became 10. hid

I would say for 3. discovered or had discovered both fit.

I think you need to look at the differences between simple past and past perfect:

The simple past and the past perfect, also past perfect simple, both express completed actions that took place in the past. We use the simple past to say what happened in the past, often in sequential order. The past perfect expresses events and actions that occurred prior to another past action (usually expressed in the simple past). In spoken English, it is common to use only the simple past and not the past perfect.
Is this an exercise from a book? Can you tell us which book it is from?

No text is ever perfect. For example, I would prefer to say "no European had ever been to the area before."