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Time related collocations

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Active member
Sep 23, 2020
Spend time - I spend most of my time working.

Waste time - Many people think playing computer games is a waste of time.

Make time for - Parents need to make time for their children.

Save time - Computers are used to save time from basic repetitive tasks.

Take your time - We are not in a rush to leave, so take your time to get ready.

On time - It is very important to be on time for a job interview.

In time - I arrive at the meeting just in time.

Take time off - Many people take time off from work around the New Year holiday.

Run out of time - I ran out of time and couldn't finish the exam.

Pass the time - Reading is a nice way to pass the time while taking the train to work.

Leisure time - Has leisure time increased or decreased in the past 50 years as technology has become pervasive in society?

Spare time - I like to play tennis in my spare time.

Kill time - I had one hour to kill before the movie started.


New member
Nov 30, 2020
Lorong Ah Soo
Thank you for sharing Time related collocations.

Here I have added 2 more Time Collocations.

It’s About Time
- It’s about time they fixed the air conditioner in my classroom! It’s been broken for three years!

Have A Hard/Rough Time- I’m having a hard time solving this Math problem. Could you help me?