Task 2:It is claimed that the Internet has affected the way young people dress nowadays. Is this a positive or negative development? Give reasons for

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Sep 9, 2021
In this day and age, the advent of internet is believed to be a primary attribution for changing in the clothing styles of young generation. From my point view, I think it would be a negative trending due to some reasons below.

On the one hand, it is non-debatable that internet is considered as a tool for all works of life to keep pace with the latest world fashion. Therefore, it has a direct impact on adolescents in term of changing their outfits. To cite an example, in some societies, numerous of famous celebrities dress up in a luxury way in order to hold their audience’s attention, who are willing to imitate them from clothing to way of communication. Thus, it will create up-to-date communities with a high level of fashion knowledge. Besides, thanks to the proliferation of the internet, it is a golden opportunity for conservative groups of people to change their minds, thinking and opinions with a view to integrating and adapting to modern lifestyle instead of a sedentary one.

On the other hand, there are several reasons why internet has a detrimental effect on young people. First and foremost, nowadays most parents with enormous budget are prone to bombard with their offspring in uncontrollable way. As a result, these children will soon become spoiled and even stubborn when they do not allow to acquire items in favor. Set an example, my nephew is pampered in the formative age by his parents. Once, he surfed the internet and be fond of one T-shirt. However, he is not given any permissions to purchase it that he cried and screamed loudly in frustration. In addition, people in the young age may change their clothing style differently which is not appropriate in civilized society.

Take everything into consideration, I still believe that in internet can bring some repercussions to young people.

Can you give me some feedbacks and the band score ?