Task 2 about video games. Pls help me with vocab and grammar

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Vincent Bui

New member
Nov 10, 2021
Task 2 : Nowadays many people have access to computers and a large number of children enjoy playing video games. What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing video games for children?

In the era of contemporary life, playing video games has become an issue of broad interest to people from all strata as it is the most preferable recreational activity, especially among teenagers. Although this kind of relaxing method has its own benefits, some drawbacks still need to be carefully taken into account as well.

On the one hand, there are some undeniable effects in playing video games. To be specific, standing from an academic perspective, this can be seen as an efficient countermeasure to train problem solving and critical thinking skills as well as concentration. For example ,some games require players to link all given indicators and evidence in order to come up with a solution to tackle the problems. Additionally, playing video games also acts as an invaluable treatment preventing people from suffering mental illness. In fact, playing it in an appropriate amount of time helps students to relieve tension and blow off steam after school.

On the other hand, spending too much time playing video games can be counterproductive and exerts detrimental impacts on both mental and physical health. Some aggressive games indoctrinate young player with erroneous ideology such as discrimination, violence culture and early sexual desire. This could trigger teenagers to imitate precipitate and unethical actions simply because of admiration for fictional characters. Besides, young generation has a tendency to be addicted to video games and will play whenever they can, which gradually can do harm to their eyes and blood circulation due to watching and sitting too long.

It therefore can be conclude that even if playing video albeit beneficial in some circumstances, people still need to adjust the length of playing time and content of the game that suits with their ages.

Can you help me with this?
Btw, do you have have any recommendation of 6+ synonym that I can use in the paragraph??
For example: invaluable treatment = ..........
Thank you!!