Task 1: The following maps show some of the changes that have taken place in Dubai in recent decades. Summarise the information.

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May 23, 2021

These two maps illustrate the differences between the past and today in a clock Tower Roundabout of Dubai. There has been a great deal of development when compared to the priority of this roundabout. A remote area now becomes busier and has been living by many people.

In comparison, while almost everything has changed, the Clock Tower still remains in the center.

Indeed, many bushes in the pavements are cut down and some trees are cultivated surround the Clock. Moreover, there are more high buildings and skyscrapers emerge in recent years as the consequence of land reclaimation . Differentiate from the past, more vehicles are used everyday, especially the cars. The road is more crowded due to the increase in number of transportations. In addition, beforehand, the area was covered predominantly by sand but today, just in some specific parts of this area that contain it.

Overall, this area has developed significantly. It is more crowded due to the heavy traffic and a large quantity of constructions.