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May 6, 2021
A few years ago studying English online was unusual, now it is the new normal and provides students with fantastic opportunities to learn safely from home.

Learning English online becomes a place where you share interests with like-minded people and you can make friends and contacts with your classmates worldwide without ever having to leave your home. Transworld schools live online lessons ( are delivered by an amazing team of professional certified teachers where you feel you are in an actual classroom learning along with other students at your level.

Courses are structured to improve language competency and abilities; English grammar, English pronunciation, accent reduction, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Available courses include General English, TOEFL preparation and Business English.

The classes are interactive and live with lots of opportunities to practice your speaking skills with other classmates from around the world.

The teachers use online breakout rooms and students are put into small groups to do pair or group work, just as in a normal classroom and you get to know your classmates and learn at the same time!

As an extra bonus Transworld School live online lessons provide free access to their online program English52, levels Beginner to Advanced (, which is available on Apple play and iTunes: English52,

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