Oxford dictionary says too many new words to name a single word of the year for 2020

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Sep 23, 2020
Every year Oxford dictionary adds new words to its dictionary and traditionally they have named a 'word of the year'.

Let's look at some of the popular words for an 'unprecedented' 2020:

bushfire - bushfire is the name given to forest fires in Australia

Covid-19 - the name given to the particular corona virus which spread throughout the world in 2020 with devastating results

lockdown - when towns, cities and even countries have restricted movement and closed most kinds of businesses and recreational activities

social distancing - the term given to try and keep people a safe distance from each other to restrict the virus from spreading

cancel culture - Cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive.

mail in - used in elections where people send their votes by mail, instead of voting in person

Moonshot - the name given to the UK's coronavirus testing program

superspreader - a person who spreads an infectious disease to a large number of people.

Last year Oxford's word of the year was "climate emergency".