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New technologies have changed the way people spend their free time . Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages ?

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New member
Mar 31, 2021
It is an undeniable fact that the way people use their spare time has been altered by electronic applicants. While this trend may brings about some benefits, I would argue they are eclipsed by the drawback. (36)
On the one hand, there are several benefits of spending leisure time interacting with smart devices in people. Firstly, internet-connected devices enable people to explore the outside world without limitations. For example, with a click of the mouse on the screen, people can figure out suitable answers for their questions, which people can explore in their life. Secondly, people would probably learn computer skills which are supplementation of what they need to practise more at home. It is true that computers those days have been played a vital role in life or education. (94)
On the other hand, I am of the opinion that the aforementioned advantages are at the expense of greater drawbacks. To begin with, people tend to play on their own, resulting in lacking communication skills. For instance, this would probably lead to the risk of autism for children in the future. In addition, the way people played in idle time tends to less relate to physical activities. For example, they often watch youtube which may give to eye strain. Subsequently, people will less go out with love oned instead of surfing newsfeed for a long time.
In conclusion, for the reasons mentioned above. I am of the opinion that the way people spend in leisure time has it seems to me that the disadvantages of this trend are more considerable than its advantages. (37)