Many people decide on a career path in their lives and keep to. This, they argue , leads to a more satisfying working life.

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Hân Hân

New member
Oct 5, 2021
To what extent do you agree with this view? What other things can people do in oder to have a satisfying working life.

Please revise my essay and give your precious ideas.

It is claimed that decision on a career path early in their lives to working satisfaction, nonetheless, the opponents have their different ideas. Personally, I partly agree with the view that people should set their goals for jobs in advance yet still strongly believe that there are the other factors bringing a sense of fulfillment at work.

On the other hand, I think that defined careers early have a large of number benefits. Firstly, these children, who dream of what they will be doing in the future, frequently tend to learn how to spend more attention on their desired professions. For example, a child, who would like to become an astronaut, spends more time learning and speculating constellation, moon and stars. Notably, decisive occupations give us enough time to prepare knowledge, skills and training. For instance, referring to several jobs such as a doctor, lawyer and chef which require professional extensive competence, trained skills and qualifications. Accordingly, these people inventing consequently much time in their professions are more inclined not to change theirs.

In terms of job pleasure, there are a majority of people having various opinions. Many people want to have a variety of experiences from diverse occupations on account of excitement or challenge. Nevertheless, the others seek livelihood bringing more benefits. To illustrate, the high salary, the positive condition of employment, enthusiastic colleges and inspirational bosses make us feel more satisfied. On the other hand, several persons work for becoming experienced in the field that they want to prepare everything for running their own company in the future.

In conclusion, for the reasons mentioned, it is certain that whether the decision on livelihood in advance or the other factors, which are equally necessary, leads to job content.