Made with/of/from/out of/up of

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New member
May 19, 2021
I know there have been discussions about the difference between them before too. But I wrote a summary on how they are usually used based on different explanations and exceptions. Is it written correctly?

"Made from" is used to refer to something which is made of individual components. "Made of" is used to refer to the material with which something has been manufactured. "Made out of" can be used for both "made from"and "made of" and "made up". Only "made up" and "made from" only these two are used in the sense of composed of several components. When talking about food all these forms can be used. "This chocolate vegan cake is made with/made from/made of/made up/made out of ... the list of ingredients."

But is "made with" used only when talking about food?


Active member
Sep 23, 2020
What you have written seems correct according to this article:

The only time I can think of using made with for something other than food is when we say "made with love".