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Is this really correct?

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New member
Jan 2, 2021
I encountered a passage: Arun often watched Nithari killings related to News TV. He would have killed the person whom he suspected was killed. He felt that when no one is found dead then no one will catch him.

In the passage above, there is a sentence "He would have killed the person <whom> he suspected was killed."

I do not understand why "WHOM" is used instead of "WHO", because that is the subject word of the verb "WAS".
Even if "he suspected" is inserted there, it should be like "who you think is right", or "whom you think to be right", I think.

Is this expression "whom suspected was killed" standard, or some kind of exception? Or simply wrong?



New member
Feb 16, 2021
I agree with Englishgeek. What is the context of the sentence? It sounds like an over-complication used to illustrate a point of grammar.
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