Incredible story behind an abandoned plan at Heathrow Airport

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Sep 23, 2020
You might be driving to Heathrow Aiport, ready to set off on holiday, then spot something strange.

Sitting on the tarmac is a huge green aeroplane, seemingly without windows - and it looks very old and possibly ever a little charred.

That makes sense - it's been there for years and has never moved from that spot.

But why?

One intrigued passerby took to reddit's 'what is this thing' thread to see if they could get answers about this strange vehicle, and they got a lot of responses.

It turns out this hunk of metal is used for training Aircraft Rescue Firefighters - the people who save you from a burning aeroplane and put out the flames should the worst happen.

One commenter said: "I did a fire training in something similar at the airport. It was a plane that the insides must have been thrown around, and various compartments added.

"We had to go in, in full gear, in pitch black, and do a left hand search along the walls with a buddy to retrieve 50kg sand bags. Was intense.

"They also had another one nearby that had jet fuel sprayed out and lit on fire near various parts of the plane, and we learnt various techniques for putting out fires.


tarmac - an area of ground covered with a hard surface, esp. the areas of an airport where aircraft park, land, and take off.

charred - burned and black

intrigued - unusual, mysterious

pitch black - completely dark, no light

Have you ever seen this plane?