In the modern world, it is no longer necessary to use animals as food or other products, such as medicines and clothing. Do you agree or disagree?

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New member
Jun 4, 2021
In this age and day, it is said that there is no need for humans to kill animals for food or other products, such as medicines and clothing. I agree with that statement for the following reasons.

Nowadays, we are faced with public health changes regarding poor health conditions, including heart diseases and cancers, triggered by the excessive consumption of meat. Doctors and experts are advising citizens to change their diets so that they can enjoy better health. By contrast, many meat-based products are always available on the market, which causes difficulty for people in changing their diet. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that vegetarian diets favored by a growing number of people can provide the same amount of nutrients for consumers. For instance, tofu and mushrooms contain a high level of protein, a kind of nutrient, is presumably only found in meat, and can therefore be a substitute.

Furthermore, medicines manufactured from animal body parts received little endorsement in the past. In China, for example, thousands of bears were caught in incarceration with long-term damage to their body. Additionally, the Chinese used bear bile as a therapy to cure heat-related ailments, which caused a rapid disappearance of Asiatic black bears. What is more, it is not hard to find a coat or accessories made by the fur taken from tigers and minks, proving that those animals could have been mercilessly killed for the fashion industry. As a result, these days, there should be herbs and many other types of plant-based medicines, such as ginseng, used to cure many diseases and even prolong human expectancy and artificial materials to well serve the demand for fashion of humans instead of animal fur. Hence, animals will no longer suffer from our needs anymore.

In conclusion, our needs and desires do not justify the suffering of animals, and animals products are no longer necessary because we can choose a different source of nourishment, medicine, and clothing without any toll on wild animals.