In many countries around the world, shopping has turned into a form of entertainment rather than a way of getting what people need. Discuss the reason

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Mar 31, 2021
In the day and age, shopping is more impulsive acquisition rather than its necessarity for people. Since there is an increase in shopping malls around the globe shopping has become easier as everything is available under one roof . I strongly believe that it is more drawback development than benefit one.
On the one hand, there are several reasons why shopping of unnecessary items rather than needs is crazy for youth . First anf foremost, a growing number of malls offer discounts on a minimum investment of any amount . To get discount, one should buy items together of minimum values, hence, people purchase unnecessary items to fulfil minmum amount requirement. Research has shown that various schemes such as EMI and 0% finance which make purchasing easy and comfortable even buyer can not afford with monthly income and they can pay within the period of six or twelve months . Last but not the least , young generation , nowadays, believes in comfort and lavish life to gain respect in society and to get attention of surrounding people. For the same, as a part of shoes off, they buy branded unnecessary things which are more costly than their usual price.
Even though people have more income present-day and do more shopping there are situations where peopel buy many unnecessary things . Thr change in this trend of shopping is because today's generation earns more than earlier people. Therefore, their disposable income is higher.
To sum up, shopping can be considered as an entertainment if there is a need for the product and can maintain financial discipline.