IELTS Writing Test-1

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Israfil Sikder

New member
Feb 22, 2021
The given bar chart illustrates the proportion of educated people in 16 various countries in 2004. A cursory glance is abundant to make it clear that the majority of European countries showed excellent literacy rates.

Overall, it can be seen that Pakistan and Sierra Leone depict the least proportion of education percentage, while the European countries Georgia also Slovakia represent the highest proportion.

According to the graph, in 2004 the percentage of people in Georgia and Slovakia who are educated was 100%, which was the highest proportion in the given period. By contrast, in Sierra Leone, the proportion of people educated in 2004 was approximately 35%, it was the least percentage in the given period. However, Israel, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, Qatar, Brazil, Peru, Turkey appeared to share an almost identical literacy rate of around 88%.

In 2004, the percentage of people educated in Syria was 80%. Although, Tunisia and Cambodia showed a similar percentage which was around 70%. The proportion of people educated in Hatia and Pakistan was around 62% and 50% respectively.