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Idioms related to color

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Sep 23, 2020
There are many different idioms that relate to color (or colour in UK English). Let's look at a few.

in the red - this means that you owe people or banks more money than you have or earn.

That company has been in the red for years before they finally went bankrupt.

red tape - Red tape refers to government bureaucracy.

There is a lot of red tape to cut through to start a new business.

red handed
- caught in the act.

The thief was caught red handed breaking into the house.

in the black - this means that you have or earn more money that you spend. If you are talking about a company, it means the company is profitable.

black market - A black market is an illegal market, where typically illegal goods and services are sold.

Many fake products are sold on the black market.

black sheep - one person who is bad in a group, particularly when talking about families.

He is the black sheep in that family; he has never held down a job and is always borrowing money from people.

black and white - black and white means that the meaning is clear.

The school's policy is black and white on the issue.

white lie - a small lie or statement of dishonesty.

He told his mom a white lie to get out of going to school.