How to Remember English Vocabulary?

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Mar 22, 2021
There are many new learners who have a hard time remembering words in English. Well, memorizing new words is a huge obstacle to learning a new language, but obviously, it is not impossible.

Many people have good command of English grammar and even make sure to learn new words every day, but when it comes to using these new words, they will only lose the battle. Sound similar? If yes, then follow these tips and remember hard vocabulary words.

3 Best Ways to Remember Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Regardless of what language you are trying to learn, the best way to master that language is to read. Reading exposes readers to a world of large and rich vocabulary.

2-Flashcards:- This is another great way to quickly and easily remember new words and their definitions. It is a good habit to write new words and their definitions on small index cards. To memorize words, you can easily browse these cards several times a day.

3-Learning Environment:-While having conversations with people, you will surely come across many new words. Regular practice will not only improve your vocabulary but also boost your confidence to speak in English. If you do not have an English-speaking environment around you, you can always take some help from the EngVarta app( Best English Learning App). The app will connect you with live English Experts who will help you polish your English speaking skills.