#help me with this essay please!

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Sep 23, 2020
Sorry, but I don't think anyone is going to write your essay for you.

If you write your essay and would like me to check it or if you have some questions about what to write, I would be happy to help.

Anyway if you ask me, I think the definition of being a friend or a real friend, then you must be honest with them.
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Sylvia Flores

New member
May 7, 2021
Hi AlexSendler.
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May 27, 2021
Minneapolis MN
Hi! I personally believe that if you ask for help writing an essay, you will not gain anything and will not learn how to cope with this task on your own. It does not take a lot of time to learn how to write an essay correctly; it is enough to practice a couple of times a month with the help of Instagram videos, in which famous teachers tell and show how to write an essay on any topic correctly. In such videos, there is always the opportunity to ask a question in the comments and get a competent answer. I managed to find about a hundred of these videos there and they are usually posted on accounts that have about 64 thousand subscribers! I am sure their authors often resort to the services of https://soclikes.com/ in order to wind up subscribers.
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