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New member
Mar 3, 2021
Good morning all,

Lately, I am very interested in complex structures in English to add some in my compositions.

I have a small list of structures "called" C1:
-(not) knowing the answer, he left the room
-This adventurer had studied the whole map when he went on expedition
-they may/might have changed their minds
-if the boy had known before, he would not have revealed his identity
-he was given/offered a nice reward
-They wish they had known the truth
-They ought to exercise more
-She should have respected the policy of the company
-Had they imagined that before, they would not have accepted

And a lot of B2 structures.
Thence, I would like to improve my "English structures Pokédex" by adding some C1+ or C2 structures.
I wish you could make me discover some.
Best regards,


New member
Mar 3, 2021
Thank you englishgeek !
It is a reference to Pokemon, a game in which you have a "pokedex" which is a little pad where you can find a list of all the pokemons.
It was a joke, as if I were an "English structures adventurer"


Active member
Sep 23, 2020
Ok, thanks for the explanation.

I like to try and teach grammar in a particular context. What is the context or the purpose of the text that you are writing?

Every text follows particular patterns of grammar.

So my suggestion is to look at what kind text you want to write and then study the grammar used in that particular type of text.

Some examples could be:

- a letter to your boss asking for time off
- an IELTS writing task
- a postcard to your family


New member
Mar 3, 2021
I mostly use English structures for essays,
Here is one of my first (the only one I could find in numeric version) :

Subject : Is work good or bad for relation between people ?

We were said by Erasme-louis Surlet de Chokier that union is strength. Moreover, human gather themselves to work and make the society going forward. But sometimes it destroys relationships. We will see why after dealing with the unity which is built from a work.

A word given for the unity process is “team building”. It comes from bound you would build with other teammates whom you are working with. Knowing that, we can deduct that the team spirit comes from team building which is process bounded with working. As the neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky said in his book “Behave” oxytocin is the molecule which is secreted when you are reaching a goal with a group, or every sign you belong to the group. You are offered pleasure hormones for working with others.

On another hand, we ought to emphasize that working with others might annihilate your relationships with other members. If you have ever worked to reach a goal with a team which is ruled by “results for salary” instead of “average salary”, you would have been able to realize that people are unhelpful and sometimes sabotaging other’s work instead of helping each other and reaching goal. But why? Why would they try to go to the job squalor whereas at the end, they will have stayed to their starting point? It is mostly due to our first and second needs. A pyramid was established by Maslow in 1943. If working conditions are stressing and threatening your first needs, you will fall to the twice (or first) stage, thus, nothing will have more importance than saving yourself. If you get the chance of being secured, it is the fourth stage (gratitude) that will lead your act.

To conclude, team spirit depends on your working conditions, if there are many individual goals, people would be prone to working for themselves, hence, no team spirit would be built. Knowing this, we are able to realize that teams are built in order to achieve the same goal, this is how we are accustomed to work, because humans have evolved and survived by being able to organize tasks in a group.

What does IELTS mean ?
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