50 Superb A – Z words to use during English conversation

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Mar 22, 2021
Learn 50+ Superb English words used in your conversations. Improve your English speaking skills and speak confidently!

I know it can be scary to start a conversation with someone or to join a group conversation – especially when you’re speaking your second language

It can be difficult to keep a conversation going. Even if you understand what the other person is saying, you can feel “blocked” or “frozen” when it’s your turn to speak. The words or phrases you need don’t often come quickly enough to mind.

If you are facing the same problem then You are in the right place!

Read our full blog where you get 50 Superb English words that people use every day. They are useful words that will also help your knowledge of English grow.

Blog link:- https://engvarta.com/50-english-words-to-use-during-english-conversation/