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10 English words that come from Arabic

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Sep 23, 2020
Did you know that these words come from Arabic

1. Alcohol - Alcohol originates from the Arabic world al-kuḥl ‘the kohl’

2. Magazine - originates from the Arabic makhazin, plural of makhzan "storehouse", from khazana to store up.

3. Ghoul - comes from ghūl, which comes from ghāla, meaning "to seize".

4. Sofa - stems from the Arabic world suffah, which means "a bench of stone or wood; a couch"

5. Candy - the word candy comes from a combination of the Arabic sukkar ‘sugar’ + qandī ‘candied’

6. Checkmate - originally the Arabic word shah mat "the king died".

7. Caravan - picked up during the Crusades from Arabic qairawan which was also influenced from the Persian karwan, meaning “group of desert travelers”

8. Coffee - comes from the Arabic qahwah “coffee”

9. Saffron - The spice saffron earned its name from the Arabic az-za’faran

10. Lemon & Lime - lemon and lime come from the Arabic laimun and lima

Do you know of any English words that come from your native language?