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  1. englishgeek

    TASK 2: New technologies and ways of buying and selling are transforming the lives of consumers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    In modern life, there are many inventions which have been created to serve mankind, especially technologies(1). People generally believed that the advent of technologies in consuming and selling has changed the lives of people. Indeed, it is agreed that intelligent technologies might affect to...
  2. englishgeek

    [IELTS Writing Task 2] Some people today prefer to get advice for medical problems and do not want to visit a doctor. Why is this? Is this a positive

    The increase in Internet development enhances most individuals broaden them horizons in health issues. Accordingly, people turn into getting online opinions instead of going to the hospitals. This essay will discuss why this trend is happening and the viewpoint that it brings negative aspects...
  3. englishgeek

    Writing task 2:In recent times, economic growth has helped many become richer, both in developed and developing countries

    Nice writing! I couldn't spot any major grammatical mistakes. Well done!
  4. englishgeek

    IELTS Task 2: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches

    It is undeniable that taking a trip before university or entering a doing volunteer work offers valuable experiences as well as small amounts of money. Travelling independently or working within a group would sharpen one's life skills and communication skills; and the money one earns might cover...
  5. englishgeek

    WRITING A NARRATIVE: A story about your school activities

    *valuable advice (no 's' is added to advice to make it plural :))
  6. englishgeek

    WRITING A NARRATIVE: A story about your school activities

    I would say "interesting" instead of appealing. You should say "annoyed by this interruption". I think if you were interested in this story, then I am sure you would like to know why the student was late and what made you never want to be late. I saw this on Facebook today, which reminded me...
  7. englishgeek

    WRITING A NARRATIVE: A story about your school activities

    Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your story. So what was the student's excuse for being late?
  8. englishgeek

    Task 2: Newspapers are less important nowadays because we have up-to-date access to the news on the internet. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    In modern life, due to the appearance availability of the internet, it is much easier for people to read online newspapers. Therefore, traditional print newspapers have become less popular and less vital when compared to the past. It is generally believed that the online press might replace the...
  9. englishgeek

    Please copy and paste it here: https://englishforum.com/study/forums/ielts.16/

    Please copy and paste it here: https://englishforum.com/study/forums/ielts.16/
  10. englishgeek

    Writing task 2:Nowadays, people are able to use the internet to do an increasing number of tasks.

    Nowadays, people are able to utilize the internet to accomplish a great number of their tasks because contemporary (1) internet renders services that could not have been imagined before. In my opinion, this is a largely positive development and should be encouraged. Indeed, nowadays, people are...
  11. englishgeek

    Static content = means photo

    If you are talking about a website, then static content can be both text and images that don't change on a web page. Dynamic content is text, images and video which can change. This can be done using HTML. It is usually stored in a database. Sometimes a CMS or Content Management System is...
  12. englishgeek

    Review of blog article related to wine industry

    How about indispensable or crucial?
  13. englishgeek

    Getting harder to tell...

    Getting harder to tell - getting harder to distinguish I don't know what a "fembino" is. It sounds like a made-up derogatory term, maybe for a transexual or something? societal-reject girls that have just given up - girls that probably don't follow the usual fashion or don't care so much...
  14. englishgeek

    Review of blog article related to wine industry

    ERP software offers features that are as formidable as they are essential. -> This doesn't sound natural. Look at the definition of formidable: causing you to have fear or respect for something or someone because that thing or person is large, powerful, or difficult. For example: He is a...
  15. englishgeek

    Writing task 2:Some people think that the news media has become much more influential in people’s lives today and it is a negative development.

    Some people believe that, nowadays, news media possesses the power to influence people's lives and the results of this trend has led to negative impacts on the lives of people. I agree with this notion and believe that the omnipresence of news media these days has impacted people's lives greatly...
  16. englishgeek

    Having to

    I would say it means that students can go out without requiring permission from their teachers. Does this make sense?
  17. englishgeek

    Without "be" sentences

    I think it is common in any language where native speakers omit words in casual conversation. I am not sure what you are asking, but I would suggest learning correct grammatical forms and use them as much as you can.
  18. englishgeek

    It is an IELTS question, please copy and paste it here...

    It is an IELTS question, please copy and paste it here: https://www.englishforum.com/study/forums/ielts.16/
  19. englishgeek

    New to the forum

    Welcome to the forum! What do you need help with? Where are you in your English language learning journey? Why are you interested in learning English?