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    Use of ' The'

    I have difficulty in using "the" at the correct places. I mean I always get confused when and where to use"the" and end up omitting it when required and use it unnecessarily. I would also be grateful if you point out any mistakes you come across in my questions as well.
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    It's apposite to our discussion Or It's apposite in discussion Which one is correct????
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    On the beach?

    We met on the beach.?? Is it correct??
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    Targetted or targeted

    Which spelling is correct?? Targetted or Targeted
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    The crowd gather for the festival or gathered? which one is correct?
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    Provoking or provocative

    It was really provoking or It was really provocative. Which one is correct? Thanks
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    On or at

    1.She was on the red carpet or she was at the red carpet. 2. She was at the award show or on the award show. Which one is correct.
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    The use of articles

    I own a cat and two dogs. Why is "a" not added before two dogs? Thanks in advance.
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    Cooped up

    I have not been able to get out of home for over a year due to Covid. I've been cooped up at home for more than a year. Are both sentences correct?? Thanks
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    Having panic attacks

    I'm having panic attacks. I'm having a fever. Is this correct? If not, what's the correct way to say it.
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    Checking the entire document

    Hi, I was wondering if you would check a long document for errors if posted here?
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    Is this correct?

    Our demolition team specialises not just in the demolition of the entire building but in the interior strip out as well. Is this gramatically correct? PS. This is for a demolition page. Thanks in advance.
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    Professional expert

    The bigger the building is, the greater the risk will be. Is this correct? Thanks in advance.