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    Use of ' The'

    I have difficulty in using "the" at the correct places. I mean I always get confused when and where to use"the" and end up omitting it when required and use it unnecessarily. I would also be grateful if you point out any mistakes you come across in my questions as well.
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    Written English. Thanks for your reply
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    It's apposite to our discussion Or It's apposite in discussion Which one is correct????
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    On the beach?

    Could you explain when to use on and at???
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    On the beach?

    We met on the beach.?? Is it correct??
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    Targetted or targeted

    Which spelling is correct?? Targetted or Targeted
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    The crowd gather for the festival or gathered? which one is correct?
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    Provoking or provocative

    It was really provoking or It was really provocative. Which one is correct? Thanks
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    On or at

    1.She was on the red carpet or she was at the red carpet. 2. She was at the award show or on the award show. Which one is correct.
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    The use of articles

    I own a cat and two dogs. Why is "a" not added before two dogs? Thanks in advance.
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    Cooped up

    Thank you
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    Cooped up

    I have not been able to get out of home for over a year due to Covid. I've been cooped up at home for more than a year. Are both sentences correct?? Thanks
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    Having panic attacks

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    Having panic attacks

    I'm having panic attacks. I'm having a fever. Is this correct? If not, what's the correct way to say it.
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    Checking the entire document

    Thank you