Zebra English


ZebraEnglish is a great company to work for with consistent students and consistent pay. Raises are attainable for all and the algorithm books you. I was one of the first teachers that started with their platform in May 2019. Then ZE offered me a mentor position when they started recruiting. I have Seen them go through many changes and listen to the teachers as they go continually improving. I am very thankful for this company and the staff in Beijing. Their onboarding process is simple but difficult to pass. Please check out my website, YouTube channel, and Facebook: ZebraEnglish Hiring Support  for all the information needed.

  • Qualifications
    University Degree, CELTA, TEFL, Teaching License
  • Nationalities
    United States, Canada
  • Number of years of teaching experience required
Payment Range
US$16 - 24
Other Payment Information
  • Payment frequency
Class Selection

How do parents, students select you for classes: The algorithm books teachers with students.

Unpaid Work

Completing short feedback form after each lesson.

Teaching Platform

In house. It’s very user friendly, however, a good GPU and CPU needed on computer or laptop.

Class Size


Communication and Support

There is good communication with the company via tickets and email. ZE conducts one on one meetings often to gauge teacher satisfaction and receive input from teachers. Many of their standards are due to teacher input.

Leave Policy

Only open slots that can be taught. 6 cancellations allowed per contract in a 6 month period. There are soft cancellations for those emergency type situations that require documentation. ZE also offers medium cancellations for those that have an unexpected illness but not documentation. It has to be submitted 24 hours before class.

Age and Location of Students

3-8 year old students located in China

How to apply

Click on the link to start the process

Advice for getting hired

Apply with a teacher’s referral link that actually coaches. ZE has a tough hiring process. Applicant has to use the link when creating an account or they will not be linked to a referring teacher. There is no code.

Click on the link to apply and get more information
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