VIPKID is an English learning platform based in China that has thousands of teachers and students. The VIPKID Education Program uses the flipped classroom model. The student watches videos and completes assignments, then have a  class in real-time with an English-speaking teacher.


VIPKID has students range in age from 3-15 at all ability levels. The program is based on an American elementary school education, so the classes cover a wide range of topics from science, to math, to traditional grammar and spelling.


Each VIPKID class is 25 minutes long. VIPKID lessons are one-on-one with a student in China and all VIPKID lesson planning is done for you. There is minimal prep work and grading – all you have to bring is a smile, energy, and props for the lesson.


For each student you teach, you get access to their lesson 24 hours in advance to prepare. You’ll be able to see the slides, lesson objectives, and suggestions from previous teachers.


From a VIP Kid Teacher:


I have been with VIPKid for over 4 years and am on my 7th contract. In my experience, the VIPKID lesson plans are so fun! They are not just boring vocabulary memorization. Most lessons cover a wide variety of topics like reading, writing, grammar, science, and math. I also love the flexibility of setting my own hours and being able to travel and work remotely!

​Teaching English online is a lot different than teaching in a classroom. If you want to keep your student's attention and engaged in the lesson, you have to bring the energy. When going through the interview process make sure you:
Use TPR.
Smile till your cheeks hurt.
Make funny faces.
Sing your heart out.
Correct pronunciation errors.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking VIPKID is hiring only certified teachers. They’re not. They’re looking for performers who can deliver their curriculum in a fun and engaging way that keeps students coming back.

I have been with VIPKID for over 4 years and have taught all levels and ages of students. I will be happy to answer any questions and guide you through the hiring process You can email me at:



More on qualifications:

VIPKID is looking for teachers who meet the following teacher requirements:  Native English speaker legally able to work in the United States or Canada.  A Bachelor’s degree or higher, this can be in any field.  Eligibility to work in the USA or Canada. TEFL Certificate (Optional but Helpful!) At least 2 years of experience working with children (counseling, mentoring, teaching, babysitting, homeschooling, and tutoring all count!) A teaching degree or license is not necessary, but you should have some experience working with students in some type of teaching role (for example, tutoring, summer camp counselor, mentor, home school teacher, etc.)



You set your own schedule. You can teach as many hours as you like, there is no minimum hour commitment. Each contract is for 6 months.


Payment Frequency

There are 3 payment options; weekly. bi-weekly or monthly.

  • Qualifications

    University Degree, TEFL

  • Nationalities

    United States, Canada

  • Number of years of teaching experience required


Payment Range
US$14 - 22
Other Payment Information
  • Payment frequency


  • Payment method

    Direct transfer

Class Selection

Trial classes are booked by VIPKID HQ on behalf of the parents. Major course classes are booked directly by parents 1-2 weeks in advance. Bookings open at 12 noon (China time) on Mondays: Sunday evenings American time.

Make sure to have your time slots open by Sunday evening, to have a chance of getting booked by parents. Teachers call this the ‘booking frenzy’.

Parents may also book at other times, but it is less likely. As a new teacher, it will take parents some time to ‘find you’, so try to get some trials and ask for apple feedback from those in the meantime.

Priority booking happens after you teach a class. If it’s an MC class, the parents can book (if you have the time open), or request to book (you will see a request on your portal or app) the same time in two weeks.

This gives them the opportunity to book in advance, ahead of the frenzy. You can decline these requests and give a reason, but it’s best to accept them if you can. The easiest way is to make sure you already have the priority time slot open before you teach.

Unpaid Work

All VIPKID lesson planning is done for you! So, there is minimal prep work. You are able to review the lesson slides before the class to get familiar with the lesson and prepare any props. You also need to do a quick evaluation after the class, this has to be done 12 hours after each class in order to receive full pay.

Teaching Platform

VIPKID classes are run through the VIPKID Teacher Portal. You will need to download this onto your computer or tablet. Then, just sign into your account, click on the classroom you wish to enter, and you will be taken to the VIPKID classroom screen. In the classroom, you will see the student and the PowerPoint you are teaching. The PowerPoint will be loaded into the classroom for you in advance, so you don’t need to worry about storing lessons on your computer.

You can write on the screen, give reward stars, and type in a chat box while in the classroom. Recently, VIPKID has rolled out more advanced features like cute filters on your camera!

VIPKID prefers that teachers use a laptop or desktop computer, but they do have an iPad app that you can use if necessary.

Class Size


Communication and Support

I feel like VIPKid treats their employees very well, with so many opportunities for incentives plus opportunities to grow within the company over time. They offer incentives when teachers are in demand. They offer professional development opportunities such as webinars, workshops and conferences. They support their teachers 100%.

Leave Policy

Since you set your own schedule, you can take as much or as little time off that you want. You do not need to let the company know if you are taking a vacation, just do not open your schedule.

Each VIPKID teacher is allowed 6 cancellations per 6-month contract (3 classes in 1 day =1 cancellation). If you cancel your classes more than 24 hours before the start time, VIPKID only charges you with a cancellation. Cancellation within 24 hours of the start time will result in VIPKID taking $2 per canceled class from your paycheck. If you cancel within 2 hours, they take $10 per canceled class from your paycheck.

Emergencies happen and because of that, VIPKid offers the abilitly to apply for "soft" and "medium" cancellations. These cancellations will not count as a cancelation on your contract and will not have a pay deduction.

Age and Location of Students

Students range in age from 3-15.

  • englishforu
    October 4, 2020 at 5:25 am

    VIP Kid is a great company to work for, but it is not easy always getting as many classes as you want to teach.




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