NeuAbc is a new dynamic platform powered by NeuPals and Cricket Media, partner companies in China and the U.S.—with tried-and-true content adapted from Happy Campers by Macmillan Education, LLC.


Cricket Media® is a global education company known for creating high-quality print and multi-media products for children, families, eMentors, teachers, and partners that improve learning opportunities for everyone.  Led by its ten award-winning publications for children and customizable research-tested collaborative learning platform, the company is committed to making, building, and supporting innovative learning experiences with high-quality, age-appropriate content that help children safely experience the world.  We help families and schools build and support lifelong learning.  Cricket Media’s ten magazines are published nine times a year, creating an ever-growing digital library of more than 150,000 short-form articles and illustrations.


In2Books, a division of Cricket Media®, is a China-centric platform and services company with a focus on literacy, language learning, and international education.

  • Qualifications

    University Degree, TESOL

  • Nationalities

    United States, Canada

  • Number of years of teaching experience required


Payment Range
US$18 - 18
Other Payment Information
  • Payment frequency


  • Payment method

    Direct transfer, Paypal

Class Selection

NeuAbc books classes for you.

Teaching Platform


Class Size


Communication and Support

NeuABC communicates with its teachers using email and using the app Dingtalk. Each teacher has a personalized help desk on Ding where they can communicate with the company about lessons or any issues that arise. They can also email the tutor support. NeuABC aims to offer 24/7 tutor support. There is also a NeuABC tutor facebook community where teachers can communicate with each other and share ideas. NeuABC has a close knit community of teachers and administrators.

Leave Policy

NeuABC has a very flexible cancellation policy. You can cancel classes 24 hours before the lesson. There are no fines or penalties. If you are sick or have an emergency, please notify NeuABC immediately, and the company will find cover for your booked lesson.

Age and Location of Students

Children are aged 3-12 years old from China

How to apply

Click on the link to apply and get more information
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