Magic Ears


Magic Ears is a company that focuses on giving high quality and high energy English lessons to Chinese children. The company has its own interactive platform.  The lesson slides are provided by the company, so teachers are only responsible for previewing the slides and preparing at least two relevant props.


Magic Ears is a great company for anyone who like a high energy classroom environment.    I personally love Magic Ears because the lessons are just so much FUN. There are so many different lessons, and the company's automated booking system means I get to see new smiling faces every day.  The company's cancellation policy is also extremely generous, so I never have to worry about penalties if I need to take time off.



Applicants must have a bachelors degree or be in university. A 120-Hour ESL Certification (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA) is also required.


Minimum Hours

There is no minimum number of hours, although there is a one dollar bonus per class for opening 60 or more peak slots per month.


Experience required

At least one year of relevant experience. Your application will be automatically rejected is you put "0 years" under "experience" in the application form.

  • Qualifications

    University Degree, TESOL

  • Nationalities

    United States, Canada, Other

  • Number of years of teaching experience required


Other Payment Information
  • Payment frequency


  • Payment method

    Direct transfer, Paypal

  • Other Payment Information

    The pay can go up to 26$/hour. I started at 20$/hour in the spring of 2020. Unfortunately, Magic Ears no longer has a public pay scale. Salary is discussed during the interview according to experience and qualifications.

Class Selection

Magic Ears books lessons through their automated booking system. This means teachers don't have to worry about promoting themselves and can instead focus solely on teaching. The booking rate depends on the teacher's ranking. Teachers can increase their ranking by working with their coaching group and taking company trainings to improve their performance.

Unpaid Work

Teachers are required to record 20 to 60 seconds of feedback for each student after the class.

Teaching Platform

Magic Ears has its own interactive teaching platform. The platform allows teachers to move themselves and students around the screen. Teachers can also block cameras and mute students when necessary.

Class Size

The are between one and four students per class.

Communication and Support

Most communication with the company takes place through the app DingTalk. Each teacher gets their own coaching team which they can reach out to with any questions they might have. There is also an official Magic Ears group where teachers help and support each other. I have never had to wait more than a day to get an answer from Magic Ears.

Leave Policy

Magic Ears' cancellation policy is where the company truly shines. Teachers can close unbooked slots at any time. All teachers also get two normal cancellations and two emergency cancellations per month. Normal cancellations can be used up to 30 minutes before class and allow teachers to cancel as many classes as they need for the next seven days. Emergency cancellations can be used up to 10 minutes before class and allow teachers to cancel all classes for the rest of the day. Teachers can take holidays whenever they like by simply not opening their schedule or by using cancellations. If a teacher misses a class without canceling it, there is a 20$ no-show cancellation fee. However, Magic Ears give teachers two free no-show removals per contract. The company is also very understanding concerning unforeseeable circumstances such as illness, power outages, and extreme weather.

Age and Location of Students

Students are usually between 3 and 12 years old, although there are exceptionally younger or older students.

Advice for getting hired

I love working at Magic Ears because of the fun lessons, the supportive community of teachers, the good pay, and the amazing cancellation policy. Magic Ears has high standards, but they also take good care of their teachers and make the hard work worth it. If you want a job where you can let your personality shine and have fun while teaching energetically, this might be the perfect job for you.

To increase your chances of getting hired, make sure to showcase your energy and passion during the interview and trial. Have props for each important word or letter during your trial. They are several videos on YouTube that can help you be successful in your interview. Practice several times beforehand, and makes sure to smile!

Click on the link to apply and get more information
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