iTutorGroup is one of the largest English-language learning institutions in the world and hiring is ongoing. Being a native speakers from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia is a must, as well as a Bachelor's degree and a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate. iTutorGroup offers classes almost 24/7. Materials are provided to you.
iTutorGroup also gives you a very flexible schedule, with the option to cancel classes , without penalties. There are free passes, if you happen to miss a class for any reason and a constant IT support.
Many tutors love working for iTutorGroup because of the flexibility and because there are different kinds of classes, with different students, so it doesn't get boring.

  • Qualifications

    University Degree, CELTA, TEFL

  • Nationalities

    United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand

  • Number of years of teaching experience required


Payment Range
US$5 - 22
Other Payment Information
  • Payment frequency


  • Payment method

    Direct transfer

Class Selection

Classes are booked by the system and by students, so you can have regular students. iTutorGroup offers different types of classes, different teams and junior and adult students. Everything is provided, all you have to do is teach. :)

Unpaid Work

You have to write a Feedback report after each class and it takes around a minute or two. You have the option to upload photos or files and even use emoticons and stickers.

Teaching Platform

iTutorGroup has their own platform. You have the option to upload photos or files and even use emoticons and stickers.

Communication and Support

You can talk to chat with schedulers or IT support at any time. You can send email to the company's management and they usually respond in a day or two.

Leave Policy

You can cancel classes at any time. If you cancel more than 4 hours in advance, there are no penalties. If you miss a class, you can use a free pass to get the absent invalidated. You will get fired if you get 6 valid absences within 6 months.

Age and Location of Students

Students are from China, Taiwan and Japan. Students can be all ages.

How to apply

Please send an email to:

Click on the link to apply and get more information
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