Cambly is an online global English teaching platform offering one to one lessons and conversation practice with native speakers.

The pay for teachers is 0.17 a minute, which works out at around US$10 an hour. While I am sure there are some people who teach on the platform fulltime, it is great if you need to earn a little boost to your income.

Students choose if they want to study one of Cambly's lessons or engage in free conversation. You can also share news articles or any other relevant teaching materials.

Cambly can be great for anyone to get experience teaching English or teaching English online. Most of the students I have personally met on Cambly have been great and interesting to talk to. At times you can feel like you are catching up with an old friend and it doesn't feel like "work" in the traditional sense.

They also have a program for kids which pays a little more at US$12 an hour. It seems like there is huge demand for teachers in this program. It can sometimes take more energy teaching kids than adults, but you can also make it fun for yourself and your students by singing songs and playing games.

Parents seem to be very appreciative of your lessons and it can be a rewarding experience.

  • Nationalities
Payment Range
US$10 - 12
Other Payment Information
  • Payment frequency
  • Payment method
Class Selection

Students book lessons through your profile. You can also join priority hours and take calls from any student who calls through the app.

Unpaid Work

There are no reports but you sometimes need to reply to student's messages.

Class Size

One on one

Communication and Support

Support is done through the website.

Age and Location of Students

Any age around the world.

How to apply

Click on the link to apply and get $10 if you join Cambly kids

Advice for getting hired

Watch some introduction videos on Youtube to get ideas for your introduction video.

Click on the link to apply and get more information
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