BlingABC is a K-12 educational platform that connects groups of Chinese learners to experienced and qualified ESL teachers from around the world for an authentic and immersive learning experience.

The classes, structured within 4 terms, allow one to enjoy flexibility, as you are able to set your own hours, as well as stability, since the schedule you choose remains fixed throughout the term.

I enjoy working with BlingABC because I can easily accommodate it into lifestyle, have a stable income with a comparatively high payrate, and also build a bond with my students as I teach them recurringly.

The company's high-standards are reflected in their teaching requirements as well as the interview process, but once you are hired you are rewarded with a higher base rate and lots of bonuses.

The application process is as follows:
1. Submit your application (with your CV attached) on for an initial screening.
2. Schedule and prepare for a 20 minute Demo class plus an interview on Skype (slides for preparation will be provided).
3. Attend your Demo class and interview on Skype with a BlingABC employee that will last approximately 30 minutes.
4. Schedule and attend a 1 on 1 orientation session with a BlingABC employee, who will go over a company overview and device requirements on their platform by the name of Roombox.
5. Schedule and attend an on-board training session with up to six other applicants while a BlingABC employee takes you over the classroom features on Roombox.
6. Schedule and prepare for a 20 minute Mock class plus feedback session (slides for preparation will be provided).
7. Attend your Mock class and feedback session that will last approximately 40 minutes.
8. Join DingTalk to be assigned a BlingABC representative and submit your teaching availabilities.
9. Wait to be assigned classes for which you will be notified by email and via DingTalk.

  • Qualifications
    University Degree, CELTA, TEFL, TESOL
  • Nationalities
    United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand
  • Number of years of teaching experience required
Payment Range
US$14 - 16
Other Payment Information
  • Payment frequency
  • Payment method
    Direct transfer
  • Other Payment Information
    US$14-16 per 40-minute class plus bonuses US$ 21-27 per hour plus bonuses Bonuses Full Attendance Bonus: $2 per class (awarded monthly and if the teacher has taught a minimum of 8 classes). Increases to $3 per class from the 7th month onward as long as the teacher maintains full attendance. 1on12+ Class Bonus: $6 per class (awarded monthly). Weekend Class Bonus: $3 per class (awarded monthly). Substitution Bonus: $3 per class when substituting a class with less than 24 hours notice.
Unpaid Work

1. Prepare props for each lesson.
2. For 1on3 lessons post lesson feedback up to 2000 words will need to be completed within 3 hours after your last class of the day.

Teaching Platform

MyPage (accessed on your browser)
1. Submit your class availibility.
2. Submit post class feedback.
3. View your schedule.
4. View your completed and upcoming classes.
5. View your income.
6. Access training materials.

Roombox (teaching platform)
1. View your teaching schedule.
2. Enter and teach your classes.
3. Each classroom comes with pre-made teaching slides and videos.

(Both are straightforward and easy to use)

Class Size

The classes are taught in 1on3, 1on6, 1on 12 and 1on30 formats.

Communication and Support

Each teacher must create an account on DingTalk which is an app downloadable on your desktop and phone. The app will give you access to features such as message as well as media exchanges.

Once you make your DingTalk account and log in, you will be assigned a representative by BlingABC who will keep you updated and who you can contact for all teaching related queries. This allows you to remain in communication throughout your contract at BlingABC and their quick responses give you a feeling of feeling supported by the company.

You must also check in 60 minutes before the first class of the day via DingTalk.

Leave Policy

1. Must be approved by BlingABC by email or on DingTalk at least 12 hours before your class begins.
2. Sick leave for two or more days needs to be backed by a note from your GP or a hospital doctor that needs to be approved 24 hours in advance.
3. Private affair leave must be approved over email by BlingABC 48 hours in advance.
4. Special leave comprises power failure, network interruption, equipment breakdown and other emergency situations you must notify BlingABC over email or DingTalk at least 48 hours in advance. If occurring within the 48 hour mark you must notify them no later than one hour before your class begins.

Cancellations & No Shows
1. No more than 3 No Shows per 6 month contract period allowed.
2. Class cancellation less than 48 hours before class counts as a No Show.
3. Teachers requesting leave more than 6 times in a contract period can be suspended.
4. Classes cancelled 2 weeks or more in advance will be counted by days and not classes.

You will have a number of days off on public holidays including for Christmas and the New Year from Dec 24th - January 1st.

Schedule Confirmation
1. You will receive a class confirmation request when each class is assigned.
2. Once confirmed classes cannot be changed.
3. You must check in on DingTalk 60 minutes before your classes, otherwise you may be removed from classes.

Absence Policy
1. If you leave the classroom prior to the 40 minute mark you will be marked absent.
2. Failing to complete a 40 minute lesson three or more times may result in termination.
3. Failing to show up for the first of a series of classes will lead to permanent removal from that class slot.

Age and Location of Students

Since BlingABC offers a K-12 curriculum, the students are typically between the ages of 5 and 18.

How to apply

See the description for how to apply.

Advice for getting hired

My advice would be to apply through a referral after making sure that are willing to mentor you and hold your hand throughout the whole hiring process as it will have a fair amount of steps. Please also make sure that when you receive your Demo and Mock class teaching slides that you take the time to thoroughly prepare them by rehearsing with appropriate supplementary tools such as props, TPR, pacing, error correction, simple instructions, good energy levels, a warm attitude, and ensuring at least 50% of student talk time. An excellent way to ensure this takes place is to record yourself. Let your referral/mentor know that you want to send them a recording so they can critique it. This will be very helpful.

20. Referral:
1. Submit your application online via this link:

2. Then, send an e-mail stating DEVI GIANNETTI is my referrer.

3. Mark BlingABC and myself on this email on and

3. Once you have done so, I'll be happy to guide you through the process in a more detailed way.

Click on the link to apply and get more information
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