Free IELTS mock speaking test

Are you currently studying for your IELTS English exam? As you are probably aware, the exam is divided into reading, listening, speaking and writing sections. Students tend to be strong in one or two area, and weaker in others depending on their experiences and education.

For students not living in a native English speaking country, it can be difficult to get real practice speaking English, other than in the classroom. So this section can prove difficult.

Even competent students can struggle as the test can be nerve racking. You also need to get familiar with the format. The best way to do this is to practice!

I am currently offering a free IELTS mock speaking test online to anyone who is interested. I do my best to make it a similar to what you experience in the test. I record the test and upload it to Youtube and provide valuable feedback so you know how to improve for when it is time to take the actual test. You can see some of my past tests here on my channel. I would also appreciate it if you like and subscribe to my channel.

If you would like to schedule a date and time for the mock test, please select in below in my calendar. If you need to cancel or reschedule the time, that is fine, please just let me know in advance. 


Select a date and time when you are available

If you would prefer not to have the video uploaded to Youtube, then I can offer a paid a mock speaking test for US$25. Please contact me in advance to arrange a time and payment details.