About me

Hi, my name is Zdenek and I'm a TEFL teacher with 10 years of experience working in the Czech Republic and London with international students from all over the world.

These days I teach English online using board games, but obviously I can help with anything at levels B1-C2.

My strengths are teaching speaking, grammar, pronunciation (RP) and preparation for EILTS/Cambridge exams. Most of my career I've taught adults. I definitely don't teach little kids, but I suppose I can help teenagers as long as their level is at least B1.

You can find out more about me, my English through Board games course, as well as Zdenek's English Podcast and discord Learn English Online channel on my website teacherzdenek.com.

And finally my hobbies are football, running, board games, and podcasting.


IELTS, Grammar, Pronunciation


Master's degree in English teaching
IELTS band 8

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