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Federation of International
Youth Travel Organisations

FIYTO - the Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations - is the global trade association for organisations and companies specialising in youth travel. Since its foundation in 1950, FIYTO has become the largest and most influential organisation in the youth travel industry worldwide.

FIYTO is an open, world-wide, non-political and non-sectarian travel trade association. Its goal is to advocate the special identity of young travellers, and their right to flexible, affordable travel and travel-related services.

FIYTO is the world's only membership association and trade forum for youth travel professionals. It is the global meeting point for this rapidly growing segment of the travel industry.

The 400 member companies of FIYTO:
  • generate an annual turn-over of more than 8 billion US dollars;
  • serve more than 16 million young travellers annually;
  • sell over 7 million air- and surface tickets each year;
  • employ some 100,000 staff;
  • own and manage over 600,000 beds.

FIYTO Standards:
FIYTO sets and maintain the standards in the youth travel trade. Membership of FIYTO is a mark of credibility and respectability, as only reputable and financially sound companies are admitted.

The FIYTO Codes of Conduct promote ethical professional behaviour between operators and high quality standards for young travellers. the Federation's strength lies in its broad membership base. All types of organisations active in the field of youth travel are encouraged to join: non-profit and for-profit; public and private; suppliers and buyers alike.

FIYTO membership includes such categories as:
  • language travel;
  • au pair agencies;
  • accommodation;
  • tour operators;
  • adventure travel;
  • transportation;
  • homestay providers;
  • educational travel;
  • activity holidays;
  • national tourism authorities;
  • student travel bureaux;
  • youth hostel associations;
  • theme parks and restaurants;
  • technology/communications;
  • travel insurance;
  • travel publishers.

FIYTO Associations:
ALTO FIYTO has two subsidiary affiliated associations: ALTO, the Association of Language Travel Organisations (for language schools and agencies), and IAPA, the International Au Pair Association, created in 1994 to monitor and improve all aspects of au pair programmes.

WYSTC Each year, FIYTO is co-host to WYSTC, the World Youth and Student Travel Conference, the world's premier travel trade fair for operators in the youth and student travel market. The conference is co-hosted by ISTC, the International Student Travel Confederation.

English Language Schools which are members of FIYTO:
Click a country to select the FIYTO members in English Forum's directory of English Language Schools:


Further information from:
FIYTO Secretariat
Bredgade 25H
DK-1260 Copenhagen K

Tel: +45 33 33 96 00
Fax: +45 33 93 96 76

Email: mailbox@fiyto.org

FIYTO website: http://www.fiyto.org/

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