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Federation of English Language Teaching
Organisations of Malta (FELTOM)

FELTOM, the Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations Malta, is a self-regulating association of the major English language schools in Malta. Founded in December 1989, it is officially recognised by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Tourism and holds consultative status with the National Tourism Organisation - Malta.

FELTOM stands for quality in schools by setting, improving and ensuring the maintenance of standards in all respects of English language stays in Malta, and member schools are governed by Codes of Conduct which incorporate mechanisms for customer protection.

Click here for our list of English language schools in Malta. Note that the list includes both members and non-members of FELTOM.

FELTOM schools are responsible for some 90% of all English language (EFL) students registered annually in Malta. The majority of students come from Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Russia and Switzerland. Most students are adults and over 18 years of age who enroll for short, medium and long term courses throughout the entire year. Younger students follow short term courses mainly at Easter, spring and during the summer months between June and September.

FELTOM member schools offer a selection of courses which differ from one another in class group size, number of lessons per week and free time extra-curriculum activities. All schools offer accommodation, particularly at English speaking Maltese host families.

The Ministry of Education is responsible for licencing and monitoring all schools according to a national accreditation scheme introduce in 1996 upon strong recommendation of FELTOM. Malta is the first and only EFL learning destination in the world to benefit from such legislation and to protect all EFL students.

FELTOM Objectives:

The objectives of FELTOM, as agreed when the established English language schools in Malta formed themselves into the Federation in December 1989, are to:

"set, improve, and ensure the maintenance of standards in all aspects of English language stays in Malta, primarily in the academic content but also in those services which together constitute the infrastructural requisites of a language stay".

Code of Academic Conduct

The FELTOM Code of Academic Conduct obliges each member to engage a Director of Studies, stipulates the professional qualifications and responsibilities of the Director of Studies and of the teachers, provides guidelines on teaching methodology, certification, premises and facilities, and includes directions for enforcement.

Code of Conduct on Student Welfare

The FELTOM Code of Conduct on Student Welfare obliges each member school to engage staff with specific responsibility for student welfare, to observe stipulated hospitality regulations and enter into a written agreement with its host families based on a specimen agreement that contains the more important points on student accommodation

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