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Combined Registered English Language
Schools of New Zealand

CRELS New Zealand is an association for English language schools in New Zealand which aims to give "new confidence to international students enrolling in English Language courses by assuring quality in their education".

CRELS member schools are registered by the New Zealand Government under the 1990 Education Amendment Act. The Quality Assurance unit of the NZQA, the New Zealand Government's Qualifications Authority, has registered the schools and approved their courses of study. Members of CRELS are signatories to the New Zealand Ministry of Education Code of Practice for the Recruitment, Welfare and Support of international students.

Click here to select CRELS member schools in our directory of New Zealand schools.

CRELS Mission Statement and Aims
  • To protect and enhance the quality of education and ancillary services offered to international students studying in New Zealand.

  • To promote New Zealand's reputation as an excellent provider of education.

  • To encourage professional support and cooperation amongst all member schools by meeting regularly to share experiences and information about industry-related matters.

  • To develop and maintain standards in teaching and service that will ensure quality in education is maintained within the English language industry in New Zealand.

CRELS Guarantees to Students

  • All member schools are registered by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) which means that they meet the standards set by the New Zealand Government. All schools must also meet stringent membership requirements set by CRELS (NZ).

  • All normal fee-paying students that enrol at a CRELS (NZ) school are able to complete their full language course.

  • A high standard of teaching, resources and welfare services is provided to all international students.

Further information from:

The Secretary
PO Box 7113
New Zealand

Tel: +64 (6) 835-6423
Fax: +64 (6) 835-6523

Email: english.newhorizon@clear.net.nz

CRELS New Zealand website: http://www.crels-nz.co.nz

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