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Association of Language Travel Organisations (ALTO)

ALTO is an international association for language schools and language travel agents. It is the world's only trade association with membership open to both buyers and sellers of language travel programmes.

At ALTO you will find language travel agents in your country and language schools worldwide united in one association with the same objective: to offer you the highest standards in language travel abroad.

FIYTO Founded in 1998, ALTO is a non-profit organisation affiliated to FIYTO, the Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations.

ALTO Members' Guarantees of Quality:
Members of ALTO, both Language Schools and Language Travel Agents, have agreed to the following 4 quality guarantees for the benefit and protection of all consumers of language travel products.
  1. Reliability
    ALTO members guarantee to deliver the services promised, completely and in a timely way and at the price agreed upon.

  2. Competence
    ALTO members guarantee their ability to deliver the services promised with high standards of competence and professionalism.

  3. True and Accurate Information
    ALTO members guarantee that standards of the schools premises, facilities and services as well as location, standard and services of the accommodation fully match the description as promised.

  4. Customer Care
    ALTO members guarantee that the welfare, needs and expectations of clients are priorities for them and that they will deal with requests, criticisms and complaints efficiently and in a timely fashion.

English Language Schools which are members of ALTO:
Click a country to select the ALTO members in English Forum's directory of English Language Schools:


Further information from:
ALTO Secretariat
Bredgade 25H
1260 Copenhagen K

Contact: Thomas Engsig-Karup

Tel: +45 33 33 96 00
Fax: +45 33 93 96 76

Email: mailbox@altonet.org

ALTO website: http://www.altonet.org

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