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Interactive English Language Exercises

Irregular Verbs Quiz
Please see Irregular Verbs List for help and reference.
- Enter the two missing forms of the verb, and click Continue.
- If your answers are correct, 1 point is added to your score.
- If your answers are not correct, 1 point is deducted from your score.
- The exercise is finished when your score reaches the Target Score.

Base Form:
Past Simple:
Past Participle:
Target Score:
Your score:

You can change the verbs and the level. This will clear your current results and reset the program. Notice that different selections have different Target Scores.


This quiz is adapted from an original script by Nikolay Babin, University of Minnesota. His ESL web site is http://www.esldesk.com

If you are a teacher of English and you would like to write an exercise
and have it published here, please e-mail the text to the Editor.

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