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Interactive English Language Exercises

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Grammar, Vocabulary and Idioms (UK English)
Exercise 1: Mixed levels.

Exercise 2: Mixed levels.

Exercise 3: Mixed levels.

Exercise 4: Mixed levels.

Exercise 5: Phrasal Verbs. Mixed.

Exercise 6: Mixed levels.

Exercise 7: Phrasal Verbs. Interm.

Exercise 8: Colourful Idioms. Interm.

Exercise 9: Irregular Verbs

Better English Exercises from English International, France (UK English)
Easier Exercises

Grammar Exercises

Vocabulary Exercises

Multi Word Verbs

Spelling Exercises

Sentence Construction Exercises

Find the Pairs Exercises

Missing Words Exercise

Business English Crosswords

Business English Hangman

Matching Exercises

Text Exercises

Self Study Quizzes
from Internet TESL Journal
Grammar Quizzes

Learn About Places


Idioms, Phrasal Verbs & Slang

Scrambled Words

Vocabulary Quizzes

Holidays, Trivia, etc.

Links to other quizzes
Vocabulary Quizzes
What animal is it?
Can you score 100% by giving the English names for all the animals in this quiz? Try all five levels. Feedback and score.

Flags & Countries Quiz
(FIFA World Cup 2006 version)
A fun way to practise the English names of countries and learn some national flags. Or do the '02 Version.

Quizzes & Puzzles by Charles & Larry Kelly (US English)
Anagrams: Jumbled letters.

Word Find: Hidden words.

Word Search

Scrambled Words


American Slang: 19 exercises.

Proverbs: All levels.

Easy Vocabulary Quizzes: Nouns, advectives, verbs.

Super Quiz Machine

Flash Quiz: 'swim' verbs.

Business English Exercises from Linguarama (UK English)
Themes: business topics

Vocabulary: 30+ exercises

Grammar: 10+ exercises

Reading: 20+ exercises

Polite Language: 10+ exercises

Other Exercises

And just for fun ...
Online Magic
Our amazing Web Wizard can read your mind!

More English Language Exercises    
Exercises listed in our Learning Links section
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