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Our Students Section has a great store of information, resources and web links for students, including the full texts of some popular English novels, such as A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens' dramatic story of the French Revolution.

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Our Interactive Exercises are a great way to practise grammar, vocabulary and idioms! Try the Online Magic, the FIFA 2006 World Cup Flag Quiz, and our other popular quiz What animal is it?

Read the messages from other visitors on our Students Message Board. You can add your own message, ask a question, or just say "hello!".

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If you want information on
English language schools in the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia and other English speaking countries, our Good School Guide is the place to start.

ELT Books   
Our online ELT Book Catalogue has a database of over 8000 of the best English Language Teaching books. Our exclusive Bookshop Search Engine can search for a book in over 20 online bookshops in 9 countries.

Our Teachers Section has a wealth of info and resources for teachers of English. Check out the Teachers Message Board, where you can share ideas and opinions. Our TEFL News has the latest ESL/EFL news stories.

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